Zachary Scott Photography

Zachary Scott is an international advertising and editorial photographer based in California. Known for his humorous, highly stylized and quirky aesthetic, Scott is comfortable working with talent of all ages, brings a wealth of technical knowledge to his productions, and enjoys collaborating with his agency and client partners to solve complex, integrated creative challenges in unique and appealing ways. 

Scott has been recognized in numerous award shows and garnered profiles in Communication Arts, Print Magazine, American Photography and Capture Integration. Scott’s works have been featured on the cover of Communication Arts Photo Annual, PDN Photo Annual, Time Magazine, The New YorkTimes Magazine and New York Magazine.

Advertising clients include: Target, Benefit Cosmetics, Helix, Ford, Virgin Atlantic, Accenture, Old Spice, Toyota, Coke, Microsoft, Merck & Co, Orbit Gum, Quaker Oats, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Dish TV, Got Milk, Pepsi, Kraft, Bioverative Pharmaceuticals, Proctor and Gamble, Hewlett-Packard, Visa, Barclay's, Discover Card, Sprint, Crest, Timex, and Toshiba 

Editorial clients: New York Times Magazine, GQ, Time Magazine, Wired, New York Magazine, and Vanity Fair

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